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Best Time To Buy A New Bed

When to buy a mattress is another important consideration. The lowest sticker prices for new mattresses are often available during sales that revolve around federal holidays and major shopping days. There are also certain times of the year when brands tend to release new models, with these companies often offering mattress sales and discounts leading up to product launches. The table below details some of the best times of the year to buy a new mattress.

best time to buy a new bed

You may also encounter discounts during other times of the year, such as the holiday shopping season that falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also keep an eye on brick-and-mortar mattress stores in the area where you live. If one of these establishments goes out of business, you could see substantial price-slashing on new beds and other sleep products.

Advantages: For one, purchasing your bed online will probably save you a lot of money. Most online brands employ a relatively small staff and do not operate brick-and-mortar locations, so their overhead costs are lower and, as a result, so are their product prices. Shopping online is also convenient because you can place orders at any time of day or night, and browse products freely without feeling pressured by sales staff. Access to mattress reviews from customers is another perk, and online brands usually offer free shipping to the contiguous U.S.

The cost of a new mattress depends on several factors, but expect to spend at least $800 for a queen size model. The best mattress for you may cost more or less than this. A crucial first step is to research price-points from different online and brick-and-mortar mattress sellers, and then make a budget based on these findings.

For instance, there are several items on discount in January that are marked lower at this time of year than any other. So check the list and see if there is anything you need, because now is the best time to buy!

Washing your bedding regularly keeps it hygienic and helps it last. And yet, just like your favorite t-shirt and most beloved pair of sneakers, there comes a time when your bed linens need to be replaced. Think about it: the time you spend using the materials is almost like wearing the same clothes every day for several years. Sooner or later, they'll lose their original integrity.

You should wash any fabrics that come into direct contact with your skin every seven to ten days, including your sheets, pillowcases and potentially your duvet cover. You can wash a mattress protector just as often or every other time. Your pillows and duvet insert should be cleaned every three to six months.

If your linens go right back on your bed after laundering them, you won't have to worry about storing them correctly. However, if you rotate sets, you'll want to keep them in a cool, dry place with plenty of ventilation. Additionally, storing bedding in a cloth bag is best, as it keeps dust out while allowing the fabric to breathe. Plastic bins aren't recommended.

Guidelines on how often to replace sheets and other materials aren't one-size-fits-all. Some bedding will need to be replaced sooner than later, while other materials can hold up for a decade or more. So, how do you know when it's time to get a fresh set?

If your bedding has seen better days and you're ready to invest in materials made to last, you've come to the right place. Parachute carries luxury sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers at affordable prices, including carefully-loomed percale with its high-end appeal, sumptuous and drapey sateen, ultra-soft and cozy brushed cotton and easy-breezy, endlessly breathable linen. Made in Portugal from the finest plant fibers, these naturally derived textiles become softer and comfier over time.

Such heartbreaking scenarios call for compassionate measures and home health care. Installing a hospital bed is one solution to the daily nighttime and morning problems that vulnerable seniors face. A hospital bed eliminates the inherent dangers experienced by weakened seniors when they attempt to enter or exit the bed.

Aging people are increasingly relying on hospital beds in recent times, especially since a greater number choose to age in the comfort of home. As seniors age in place, hospital beds support their fragile conditions far more aptly than non-adjustable traditional beds.

We think the luxury innerspring Saatva Classic offers the best balance between performance and price. It has a classic mattress feel, with a little bounce, and it aced our tests, scoring highly for pressure relief, temperature regulation and edge support. It's been approved by the American Chiropractic Association too, making it a great choice for back pain. Due to rising MSRPs, it's not as affordable as it used to be, but the Saatva Classic still undercuts many of its luxury rivals thanks to frequent discounts.

There are mattress sales all year round. Some brands pretty much always have the same deal on, others mix things up with different offers on different models at different times, so you need to be more strategic about when you buy.

Here's when you shouldn't buy a new mattress if you can help it: over the summer. This is the most expensive time of the year, with prices generally at their maximum. You might see similar discounts advertised, once again, but prices can be as much as $200 more than at other times of the year.

Looking for the best mattress to enhance your sleep in 2023? This guide is here to help. We've meticulously tested a wide range of beds to put together this ranking, which includes our top recommendations for a range of sleep styles and budgets.

It's best to start your shopping by deciding what type of mattress you want, and how firm it should be. Broadly speaking, traditional innerspring models have a more responsive sleep surface, and are nice and breathable. Memory foam beds will mold to your body to provide custom support and cushioning, are typically cheaper than anything with springs, but can trap body heat. Hybrids can offer the best of both worlds.

Mattress sales happen all year round, which can make finding the best deal confusing. We monitor prices closely, and you'll find pricing information with each product entry to make things clearer and help you buy at the right time. Almost all the best in our list come with a generous trial period that you can use to make sure your choice works for you. Let's kick off our best mattress ranking for 2023...

The Saatva Classic is an upper-mid-range mattress from luxury online brand Saatva, and it's hands-down the best mattress we've tested so far. This superb hybrid innerspring is customizable, with three firmness options and two heights to choose between (we reviewed the most-popular 11.5-inch luxury firm option). All that means it's an excellent all-rounder, suitable for a wide variety of body types and any sleep position.

Also note that all-foam beds will almost always sleep warmer than anything with springs, and while the Nectar offers decent temperature regulation (thanks to a heat-dispersing cover and gel-infused foam), if you struggle with overheating, this might not be the best mattress for you.

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: now from $359 at Nectar (opens in new tab)Head to Nectar for 33% off the original memory foam mattress (or any other model that takes your fancy, actually). That takes the price of the queen size original down to $699. You won't get a bedding bundle that's included with this brand's other standard offer, but the mattress itself is cheaper (by around $80 on the queen size), so this is the best Nectar sale for you if you're not in need of bedding.

The Siena is a budget bed-in-a-box from Siena Sleep. It launched in March 2022 as a lower-price sister brand to Nectar Sleep and DreamCloud, and it's a new entry into our best mattress guide in response to the cost of living crisis. It aims to deliver better sleep comfort for a lower price, and with a queen under $500, it's one of the cheapest options in this list (the very cheapest is the Zinus Green Tea at the bottom of the list), and those MSRPs have been discounted since this mattress launched, too.

A very appealing price tag isn't the only thing this mattress has going for it. This 10-inch deep mattress combines layers of contouring memory foam and supportive polyfoam, with and a soft-touch breathable cover to top things off. It contours subtly to your body and distributes your weight evenly, making for a firmly supportive sleep surface. Officially, it's a 6.5 on the firmness scale, but we think it's more like a 9. Side sleepers will probably need a bit of time to break it in (and ultimately might find it doesn't offer enough pressure relief around their shoulders and hips), but for back or stomach sleepers, the extra support is very welcome. In our tests, this mattress also scored highly on edge support and motion isolation.

The Purple Plus mattress delivers outstanding pressure relief as well as impressive cooling. This is an outlier in our best mattress ranking in that there are no springs and no memory foam. Instead, comfort and support comes via this brand's unique 'GelFlex grid', a responsive, stretchy elastic polymer that melds to your body shape, but bounces back immediately once you remove weight from it. The Plus model also adds extra foam layers compared to the Original.

As well as being an excellent choice for cushioning, we think this one of the best mattresses in the US for hot sleepers. One of our reviewers described it as the most cooling mattress they've ever slept on. Edge support could be better at this price, but overall this is an excellent mattress that should suit most people.

If you have a bit of cash to splash, the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is one of the very best mattresses around. This is the most advanced bed in Casper's range, and it delivers exceptional support and motion isolation. The real star of the show is this mattress' cooling powers, though. The 'Snow' of the name refers to two bits of extra sleep tech that combine to keep you 6 degrees cooler. Inside the mattress are bands that are meant to pull excess heat from the body throughout the night. These work alongside a cool-to-the-touch cover with an extra layer of cooling gel. 041b061a72


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