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My Story

Andrea Calhoun

Founder, Wellness & Nutrition Consultant

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It's simple, I got tired of being the cute, fat-friend and I was UNHEALTHY.  A Texas native, I grew up eating super fatty, artery clogging food and I literally have been overweight my entire life.  Even in primary school uniforms I had to wear little boys pants/shorts (huskies in DICKIES)  because I was too big for the girls or missy uniforms and I carried that weight throughout my entire adolescence. 


By 2007 I reached my heaviest at 285lbs, I took a crack at zumba but never really committed.  Then in 2012 I had an emergency appendectomy due to IBS (another f*ckin nightmare)  and at 25 y/o (260lbs) I knew I needed a change. I felt like I wouldn't live much longer and if I did I knew I wanted to be happy, healthy and I wanted to do it the natural way (NO SURGERY).


At that point I made a promise to myself to improve my health by committing to an active lifestyle. (self taught runner here baby...add me on Nike Run Club!) I became more conscience of my eating habits and started to eliminate toxins and replace them with the beneficial nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and herbs. By my 27th birthday in 2013 I was down to 203lbs but I kept pushing. (See my struggle process below)

In addition to this diet change playing a huge part in my weight loss, the introduction to natural herbs and supplements has transformed my wellness from the inside-out.  What you eat can affect your, overall mood, hormone levels, skin tone+elasticity, bowel movements, sexual appetite and so much more!  This is why I do it. You ready?

The Process aint gone be easy but its worth it....dust yourself off and try again!

That is what I constantly have to keep reminding myself.  You can lose the weight but the hard work comes in when you have to MAINTAIN your new body.  By the end of 2015 I dropped down to 156 but with no muscle so I decided to get off the track and into the gym lifting weights. Although smaller in weight, I was flabby and started finding it very hard to keep the weight off and lifting weights was the only thing that seemed to help with my loose skin and I lifted consistently for the next few years . (170lbs of muscle, thought I was fine. Summer 2018 bobblehead action, see below.)





By 2019 due to depression, distractions, and lack of discipline I was back to 200lbs and NOT TONED, I had lost my mojo.  It wasn't until January 2020 that I realized how much weight I'd actually put on and then QUARANTINE came a month later, the thought of being fat in my house and having to look at myself everyday began to terrify me, that was the trigger I needed!!!!!  So I hopped back on the horse and this time I want ABs! See my most recent transformation from April until August 2020, I am currently at 175lbs and shrinking. 💚​

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