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Lesson 2 Homework Practice Lines Of Best Fit Answers

Course Objective: The participant will be able to understand the effectiveness of teaching geometrical concepts in a integrated, hollistic fashion, in order to promote a deep understanding in their students. Participants will be able to identify connections between advanced geometry concepts with foundations of the discipline. Participants will be able to create three lessons that connect fundamental geometrical concepts, points, lines, planes, circles, dilation, and isometric transformations to other geometrical concepts.

Lesson 2 Homework Practice Lines Of Best Fit Answers

Abstract: In this course, you will learn about student response systems, or clickers, an instructional technology which offers the instructor a powerful tool for evaluating student understanding and increasing student engagement. Not only will you learn about the basic capabilities, uses, and benefits of student response systems in instruction, but you will design a mathematics lesson following principles of effective question design and best practices for using a student response system in instruction.

Course Objective: Through readings and videos learners will identify the differences between authentic tasks and traditional tasks by reflecting on their own practices. Also, learners will be able to state the key elements of Problem Based Learning in a mathematics classroom. By the end, learners will be able to generate a lesson plan which is aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Abstract: The World MOON project provides a means for students to make observations of the phases of the moon and compare it with observations of their peers. It is both a collaborative and project-based inquiry learning experience for students to learn a critical concept in astronomy. With this, students are able to integrate scientific concepts along with cultural concepts by interacting with students around the world through the World MOON Project Website. This mini-course is designed to help teachers include this project in their lessons in astronomy. It best suits the needs of grades 5-8 instruction, but it could also be incorporated into high school or middle school earth science classes. 076b4e4f54


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