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my proposal examines the auto/biographies of the tibetan lama adzom drukpa (1842-1924) by paying particular attention to the texts' treatment of sky dancerstibetan mkha' 'gro ma, sanskrit ki. the distance between contemporary scholars and the people who composed the text invites an opportunity for methodological reflection i apply rachel h. pang's method for reading tibetan auto/biography to ask questions in particular about english terms like monster, deity, god, demon, and spirit. i argue encounters with sky dancers and questions about whether they may be demonic, delusive, or awakened are vital social, political, and religious concerns in adzom drukpa's own contexts. foregrounding these debates and interpretive difficulties in tibetan contexts provides a way to meaningfully address the texts' understanding of the terms while also engaging controversies and questions about how gods, spirits, and monsters have been constructed in contemporary discourses.

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