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Jai Durga Maa 1: The Story of Goddess Durga and Her Devotees (Free Download)

How to Download Jai Durga Maa 1 Full Movie for Free

Are you a fan of devotional movies? Do you want to watch Jai Durga Maa 1, a Hindi dubbed version of the Tamil movie Kottai Mariamman, which is based on the story of Goddess Durga? If yes, then you might be wondering how to download Jai Durga Maa 1 full movie for free. Well, you are in luck, because in this article, we will show you how to do that legally and safely. We will also tell you what Jai Durga Maa 1 is about, why you should watch it, and where you can find it online.

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What is Jai Durga Maa 1?

Jai Durga Maa 1 is a Hindi dubbed version of the Tamil movie Kottai Mariamman, which was released in 2001. It is a devotional movie that revolves around the story of Goddess Durga, who protects her devotees from evil forces. The movie stars Roja, Karan, Devayani, Vivek, Yuvarani, Senthil, Rami Reddy, Nizhalgal Ravi, and Venniradai Moorthy. It is directed by Ravit Roy and produced by Triveni Kant.

Synopsis of the movie

The movie begins with Bhairavmurthy, a wicked man who wants to steal the eyes of Goddess Durga from an idol in a temple. He believes that the eyes have supernatural powers that can make him invincible. However, his plans are foiled by the goddess herself, who appears in front of him and curses him to die within a month.

Meanwhile, Somu and Jyoti are a childless couple who pray to Goddess Durga every day. One day, Somu gets an offer to join a circus as a stuntman. He decides to take up the job and leaves his wife behind. Jyoti gives birth to a baby boy named Raja, but she is told by the goddess that if Somu sees his son, he will die. Therefore, she gives her son to Charu, a friend of hers, and tells Somu that their son is dead.

Raja grows up with Charu and her daughter Shobha. He also befriends an elephant named Lakshmi. One day, a flood separates Raja from his family and he ends up in a jungle. There he lives with various animals and learns their languages. He also meets Abhi, a rich man's son who loves Shobha. Abhi's father opposes their marriage and demands a huge dowry.

Raja decides to help Abhi and Shobha by selling Lakshmi to a circus and giving the money to Abhi's father. However, he soon realizes that Lakshmi is being mistreated by the circus owner. He rescues Lakshmi and returns to the jungle. Meanwhile, Bhairavmurthy hires a tantrik to find out who has the eyes of Goddess Durga. The tantrik tells him that Raja is the one who has them.

Bhairavmurthy kidnaps Raja and tries to take his eyes out. However, Goddess Durga intervenes again and saves Raja. She also reunites him with his parents and blesses them all. She also punishes Bhairavmurthy for his sins and destroys him.

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