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Enjoy the Classic Arcade Game METAL SLUG X on Your Android Device - APK Download Link

Metal Slug X APK Download: A Guide for Fans of the Classic Run and Gun Game

If you are a fan of the Metal Slug series, you might be interested in downloading Metal Slug X APK for your Android device. Metal Slug X is a remake of Metal Slug 2, one of the most popular games in the franchise. It offers improved graphics, gameplay, and features that will keep you entertained for hours. In this article, we will tell you what Metal Slug X is, how to download it, what are its features, and some tips and tricks for playing it.

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What is Metal Slug X?

Metal Slug X is a run and gun video game that was released in 1999 by SNK for the Neo-Geo arcade platform. It is a remixed version of Metal Slug 2, which was released in 1998. Metal Slug X fixes some of the issues that plagued Metal Slug 2, such as slowdowns and level design. It also adds new elements, such as weapons, enemies, bosses, and music. Metal Slug X is widely considered as one of the best games in the series by fans and critics alike.

A remake of Metal Slug 2 with improved features

Metal Slug X is not a sequel or a prequel to Metal Slug 2, but rather a reimagining of it. It uses the same game engine as Metal Slug 3, which was released in 2000. This means that it has smoother graphics, faster gameplay, and more animations than Metal Slug 2. It also has more content, such as new weapons, enemies, bosses, items, and stages. For example, in Metal Slug X, you can use the Iron Lizard, which fires remote-controlled missiles; the Drop Shot, which bounces landmines; and the Enemy Chaser, which launches homing missiles. You can also encounter new enemies, such as mummies, aliens, zombies, and mutants.

A masterpiece of 2D action-shooting with a variety of weapons and enemies

Metal Slug X is a game that will test your reflexes, skills, and strategy. You can choose from four playable characters: Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto, and Fio Germi. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Marco has more ammo than the others, while Eri can throw grenades farther. You can also use different weapons, such as pistols, machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, lasers, and more. You can also ride various vehicles, such as tanks, planes, camels, elephants, motorcycles, and more. You will face hundreds of enemies on your way to foil General Morden's new coup attempt. You will encounter soldiers, tanks, helicopters, planes, submarines, robots, aliens, mummies and bosses. You can choose the difficulty level, from easy to hard. You can also adjust the number of lives and continues you have. Arcade mode is the best way to experience the classic gameplay of Metal Slug X.

Mission mode: Select any mission you have cleared and play it again

Mission mode is a mode that allows you to select any mission you have cleared in arcade mode and play it again. You can use this mode to practice your skills, improve your score, or just have fun. You can also change the character, weapon, and vehicle you use in each mission. Mission mode is a great way to replay your favorite missions and discover new things.

Multiplayer mode: Connect to Steam and play online co-op with friends

Multiplayer mode is a mode that allows you to connect to Steam and play online co-op with friends. You can join or create a room and invite up to three other players to join you. You can also chat with them using voice or text. You can play any mission you have cleared in arcade mode or mission mode. Multiplayer mode is a fun way to share the excitement of Metal Slug X with your friends.

Settings: Customize your controls, language, video, and sound options

Settings is a menu that allows you to customize your controls, language, video, and sound options. You can change the buttons, sensitivity, and layout of your controls. You can also choose the language of the game, from English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, or Vietnamese. You can also adjust the video settings, such as the resolution, window mode, frame rate, scanlines, and filter. You can also adjust the sound settings, such as the volume, music, sound effects, and voice.

Leaderboards: Check your rank and score and compete with other players

Leaderboards is a menu that allows you to check your rank and score and compete with other players. You can see your rank and score for each mission in arcade mode or mission mode. You can also see the rank and score of other players from around the world. You can compare your performance and challenge yourself to beat them. Leaderboards is a feature that adds more replay value and motivation to Metal Slug X.

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What are some tips and tricks for playing Metal Slug X?

Metal Slug X is a game that requires skill, strategy, and patience. It can be challenging and frustrating at times, but also rewarding and satisfying. Here are some tips and tricks to help you play better and enjoy more:

Use the terrain to fire shells at an angle with the tank

One of the vehicles you can ride in Metal Slug X is the tank. The tank has a cannon that fires shells that explode on impact. However, sometimes you may encounter enemies that are hiding behind walls or obstacles that block your direct line of fire. In this case, you can use the terrain to fire shells at an angle with the tank. For example, you can fire shells at a hill or a slope and make them bounce off and hit the enemies behind cover. This is a useful technique to clear out enemies without exposing yourself.

Use melee attacks to take out soldiers with shields

One of the enemies you will face in Metal Slug X are soldiers with shields. These soldiers are immune to bullets and grenades from the front. They will also charge at you and bash you with their shields if you get too close. However, there is a way to take them out easily: melee attacks. Melee attacks are attacks that involve using your knife or your fists. You can perform melee attacks by getting close to an enemy and pressing the attack button without holding any direction. Melee attacks can break through shields and kill soldiers in one hit. They can also save you ammo and time.

Take your time and think when things get chaotic

Metal Slug X is a game that can get very chaotic very fast. You will often find yourself surrounded by enemies, bullets, explosions, and hazards. It can be tempting to rush through the stages and shoot everything in sight, but this can also lead to mistakes and deaths. Sometimes, it is better to take your time and think when things get chaotic. You can use the pause button to stop the action and plan your next move. You can also look for cover, dodge, or retreat when necessary. You can also use your grenades, bombs, or special weapons to clear out large groups of enemies or deal with tough situations. Taking your time and thinking can help you survive and succeed in Metal Slug X.

Collect food drops to become fat and increase your firepower

One of the items you can collect in Metal Slug X are food drops. Food drops are items that look like fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, or candy. They will restore some of your health when you pick them up. However, if you collect too many food drops, you will become fat. Becoming fat will make you slower and bigger, but it will also increase your firepower. Your bullets will become bigger and more powerful, and your grenades will become bombs that cause more damage and have a larger blast radius. Becoming fat can be a good strategy to deal more damage to enemies and bosses, especially if you have a lot of health and lives.

Destroy the red helicopter first to trigger a domino effect

One of the stages in Metal Slug X is the desert stage. In this stage, you will encounter a lot of helicopters that will fly over you and drop bombs or soldiers. However, there is one helicopter that is different from the others: the red helicopter. The red helicopter is the leader of the other helicopters, and it has a special ability: it can trigger a domino effect. If you destroy the red helicopter first, it will crash into another helicopter, which will crash into another helicopter, and so on. This will cause a chain reaction that will destroy all the helicopters in the


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