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Frasier - Season 2 Episo...

The second season of the American sitcom Frasier commenced airing in the United States on September 20, 1994, and concluded on May 23, 1995. It continues to follow Dr. Frasier Crane's experiences as a radio psychiatrist and efforts to get closer to his father and brother. The second season aired Tuesdays at 9:00 pm in the United States after moving from its previous Thursday night time slot.[1] The season was released on DVD as a four-disc boxed set on January 6, 2004, by Paramount Home Entertainment.[2]

Frasier - Season 2 Episo...


This season begins with Frasier's romantic exploits turned into a novel. Frasier then attempts to set up Daphne with the new station manager after lamenting her lack of a love life only to be in for a rude awakening. Frasier is also visited by old Boston bar mate Sam Malone and has a romantic getaway ruined by Lilith.

Frasier usually featured a Christmas episode in each season, and the first was very memorable. "Call Me Irresponsible" sees Frasier giving a man advice to break up with his girlfriend. Frasier's ethics come into question when he then goes on a date with the caller's ex.

Eddie takes center stage in the middle of the fourth season, and he shines. "Death and the Dog" finds poor Eddie in a depressive funk, so the gang calls an animal psychiatrist to help out. While trying to figure out why a dog would be depressed, the Frasier gang finds reasons to feel depressed about their own lives.

Some of these I agree with but certainly not all. I am very confused how more episodes from Season 8 were not on this list; for me most of this season was a bust. I for one liked Motor Skills but hated Frasier's Edge& Sliding Frasiers to name a few. Still this remains one of my favorite sitcom's of all time.

I'm surprised more episodes from season 10 don't make your list. I and many others consider it the absolute worst season of Frasier, namely due to: Farewell, Nervosa (unwatchable), Some Assembly Required, Enemy at the Gate, Kenny on the Couch, Kissing Cousins (as you mentioned), and the entire arc with otherwise excellent Felicity Huffman. The only funny moments were during Roz's send-off dinner. That arc even tainted the beginning of season 11. Season 10 also features the worst Bebe episode (with Dr. Phil, uhh) out of all her appeances in the series.

I thought Coots and Ladders (Season 11), along with Fruedian Sleep (Season 11) were top 5 worst. I thought season 11 was the worst season, just because so many episodes fell short. I hated all the episodes with Julia. I think she was the worst guest star in the series. There are several great ones (The Doctor is Out). Caught in the Act was a great episode, but the bed flying into the rafters were too zany and unbelievable. Season 8 had some really bad episodes. Docu.Drama was not good at all. 041b061a72


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