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Demian Tretyakov
Demian Tretyakov

Naturist Freedom and Miss Naturist Freedom: A Celebration of Beauty and Diversity

The debate on the issue of privacy has been very lively in recent years in Europe. A Belgian college student found himself in hot water when he posted a picture of his girlfriend's exposed vagina on Facebook, ostensibly as a joke. But she in turn reported him to the police, who considered it a serious breach of privacy and suspended the Facebook account of the student. After that incident, Belgium's privacy regulator, the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data, drew up a new law, the so-called Data Protection and Privacy Law, which was adopted on February 12, 2015. The new law prohibits the use of personal data for unlawful ends, imposes stricter rules on use of micro-analytic software for profiling, and for the first time provides for criminal prosecution.

Naturist Freedom - Miss Naturist Freedom

The court had to evaluate in particular the conduct of the children's parents, whom it had found guilty of failing to supervise and protect their children adequately and had ordered their children removed from their custody. On the first day of the hearing the court declared the case closed, finding that the parents had committed a negligent infringement of privacy and that this did not harm the children in question. Their custody was revoked and all the contact with their children was cancelled. As a result, their children were placed in foster care and could no longer be found in the parental authority. The parents had been initially arrested and subsequently charged with the offences of omission, negligence and inattention. The court found that the defendants were guilty of causing gross negligence. The parents were initially fined 3,000 francs ($3,300) but after appeal to the Supreme Court, the penalties were increased to 4,000 francs ($4,300) per parent.