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Iveraw Aleenh
Iveraw Aleenh

Ez Recover Canyon 2570 Zip

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lawrence construction will continue work with debris off haul from the blue gulch (mp 123.5) and wagon gulch (mp 124.5) material pile locations. lawrence has already been mobilized in the canyon for roadway infrastructure repairs at blue gulch and has begun off-haul operations from wagon gulch. ihc scott has been selected for material removal at two locations in the colorado river: unnamed (mp 124) and devils hole (mp 124.4). removal will also take place at deadman gulch (mp 122.8) and maneater (mp 121.8) this winter at a later date. please see below for a map of the material locations.

there will be other occasional, intermittent traffic impacts in both the westbound and eastbound directions. periodic one lane westbound closures will be needed to perform rockfall mitigation work. occasional i-70 traffic holds will be necessary to allow crews to access, repair and clean out damaged rockfall fences on the canyon walls above i-70. holds will be for both directions of traffic and will last 20-30 minutes. these required holds are expected to be occasional, and not daily. please see below for detailed information about traffic impacts.

central idaho - ihc scott is out of the canyon working with the blackfoot fire district to remove material from the blackfoot canyon and the wawona area. currently, scott is hauling material from the blackfoot burn area. removing the material will reduce the risk of flooding, which is very important in this area.

eastern idaho - lawrence construction is out of the canyon working on the project. lawrence is working with the central idaho lodge and campground to remove material from the blue gulch and wagon gulch debris piles. 3d9ccd7d82


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