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[S1E9] Kill Or Cure

A doctor at the Muir Island Mutant Research Center claims to have found a cure for the mutant gene. Rogue travels to the island, seeking the "cure". She visits Dr. Adler and tells him how she is considering the treatment. Dr. Adler sends her on her way and Apocalypse appears. "Dr. Adler" reverts to Mystique and they discuss Rogue's powers. Later, Cable attacks Dr. Adler, but the X-Men defeat them. Rogue changes her mind about the treatment and leaves. At the end, Warren (Angel) comes for the treatment and goes into Dr. Adler's lab. Mystique finds Apocalypse and tells him of Warren, and he replies that he is planning on destroying the world.

[S1E9] Kill or Cure

At the Muir Island Research Center, Professor Xavier asks Moira MacTaggert to review Dr. Adler's work, but Moira says she can not. As Dr. Adler turns down the professor's offer to visit, Xavier tries to probe the doctor's mind, instead seeing visions of two mutants. The professor wonders if Dr. Adler could be a mutant and decides to tell his X-Men about the doctor's work to "cure" mutantkind.

Rogue drives away from the mansion, but Gambit follows her. Rogue flies up and hitches a ride on a passenger plane's wing. She jumps off when she finds Muir Island. Avalanche and Pyro wait for the shape-shifter Mystique in a Muir Island pub. They suspect Rogue might be her, but she throws them at the wall. Rogue visits Dr. Adler and asks him if she can try out his cure. Dr. Adler says he will consider her offer. When Rogue leaves, it is revealed that "Dr. Adler" is actually Mystique. Apocalypse tells Mystique to make her his slave instead of taking away her mutant powers.

Rogue agrees to go through with Dr. Adler's "treatment," but Avalanche and Pyro arrive on the scene and kidnap the "doctor" before he can finish. Rogue and Cable pursue the two villains. Pyro and Avalanche discover that they are actually kidnapping their team member Mystique. Meanwhile, Xavier investigates the kidnapping scene and Cyclops and Jean join him, saying they suspect Rogue came here to undergo Dr. Adler's treatment. Rogue fights off Pyro and Avalanche while Cable deals with "Dr. Adler." Cable threatens to push Dr. Adler off the cliff because of his involvement with the Genoshan Mutant Collar program. Rogue tries to save Dr. Adler, but Cable stops her with a plasma grenade. Mystique reveals her status as a shapeshifter to stop him from killing her. The X-Jet introduces Xavier, Cyclops, and Jean into the fight. Cable falls over the side of the cliff, but grabs a hold of the rocks on the side. Jean also falls off the cliff, but Rogue saves her from the rocky shores.

Rogue helps Dr. Adler repair his equipment, but this time declines his offer to be cured. She bumps into Angel on her way out, who asks Dr. Adler for treatment. Mystique tells Apocalypse that she has found him another mutant slave. Apocalypse says he must destroy the world.

A landing party of Captain Kirk, First Officer Spock, Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy, Yeoman Janice Rand and two security personnel find it resembles an abandoned, 1960s-style Earth. They are attacked by a disfigured man, who has a seizure and dies after Kirk hits, while trying to fend him off. Noises draw the landing party to an abandoned building. They discover a teenage girl called Miri, who ran away from them because "grups" ("grownups") killed and maimed the children on the planet before dying out. She and her friends are "onlies", the only ones left. The distress call is traced to an automated signal.

Kirk uses his charm on Miri to persuade her to show him to the other children. However, mistrustful of the "grups", they disperse when Kirk and Miri approach their hideout. Jahn, an older boy and the leader of the children, steals the landing party's communicators, rendering McCoy's search for a cure impossible without the Enterprise's computers. When Yeoman Rand panics at their impending fate and Kirk comforts her, a jealous Miri runs away and schemes with her friends to kidnap Rand.

McCoy discovers a possible vaccine for the disease, but without the ability to check the dosage with the ship's computers, the vaccine may kill the patient. Kirk tells Miri that they will all contract the disease if they don't help him find a cure. Upon realizing that she herself is infected, Miri brings Kirk to where Rand is being held. At Jahn's urging, the children swarm and gang up on Kirk. An injured and bleeding Kirk then angrily begs the children to think of the youngest amongst them, who will be helpless when the older ones are dead. He points out that their food supplies are running out; the children will starve within six months. Convinced, Jahn gives the communicators back to Kirk. He rounds up the children and returns to the laboratory, but in desperation McCoy has already injected himself with a dose of the vaccine. The doctor's sores fade, confirming the cure's effectiveness.

Blaine DeBeers (né McDonough) (born April 5, 1984) is a main character of iZombie. He is portrayed by David Anders. Blaine is a zombie and the main villain of the show. Blaine has been cured twice, once at the end of Season 1, then again in Season 2. He is the zombie who turned Liv at the boat party. In the first season, Blaine owned the butcher shop Meat Cute and deliberately turned rich people into Zombies so he could extort them by making them pay $25,000 a month to receive brains.

He ran the underground brain-delivery service in Seattle out of the butcher shop Meat Cute. Now that he's human again, Blaine runs Shady Plots funeral home that doubles as a cover for his continued brain harvesting and selling activity. Blaine briefly reverted back to zombie form before injecting himself with Ravi's second attempt at a zombie cure, which resulted in retrograde amnesia. Horrified by his past crimes, he has become a love interest to Peyton as well as an uneasy ally to her friends. It is eventually revealed Blaine's amnesia was only temporary, and that he feigned his memory loss in an attempt at achieving both a fresh start and happiness.

Having grown up wealthy with his conniving and callous father, Blaine was abused and neglected child whose only source of affection was his grandfather. His mother committed suicide with his father's Beretta pistol, something Blaine's father did nothing to prevent despite the warning signs. Following his mother's death, he was raised by his father's housekeeper, Frieda Bader. Bader frequently abused Blaine by doing things like beating him, forcing him to clean the kitchen floor with his tongue after tracking in mud, locking him in a dog crate, and having his pet dog killed.

In Virtual Reality Bites, At Meat Cute, Blaine gets a call from Jackie telling him her delivery never came. Blaine offers to bring her something, but she declines. Later, Clive shows up at Meat Cute asking Blaine if he saw his dead Delivery boy. Blaine says he doesn't recognize him. Clive hears a loud bang and Blaine tries to lure him to the back but is interrupted by a phone call. Blaine goes to Jackie's and tells her about the dead delivery boy. Blaine then kills Jackie with a Drill. At Meat Cute, Liv's Mom, Eva, arrives to pick up an application for Evan.

In Astroburger, Blaine talks to Suzuki when he goes to pick up his food. Then they start talking about Liv and Lowell's relationship and about Lowell's death. Later, Blaine kidnapped the Astronaut Alan York. Blaine goes to the morgue to check on how the cure is going. Liv asks Blaine about Scott E. Blaine and Julien go to Scott's place to burn his place. Blaine and Julien then go back to Meat Cute not knowing that Major is in the trunk.Blaine has his men pack up Alan York's Brains for his wealthy clients. Luta runs in and tells him that the brains are missing. Blaine stabs Luta in the neck and tells him to get up because he has work to do.

In Blaine's World, Julien tells Blaine that he couldn't find anything from Major's car. Blaine goes to the freezer to try to convince Major to give up the brains but he doesn't. Blaine threatens Major with torture until he reveals Liv's contact information. Blaine calls Liv to offer her a deal, Major for the astronaut brains. Blaine and Liv exchanged at the deal but Blaine substituted someone else instead of Major. Blaine returns to Meat Cute to find most of his staff dead and then he stabs Major in the stomach. Liv arrives at Meat Cute and threatens Blaine but she can't kill him because he is the only one keeping all of Seattle's zombies fed. She decides that she will cure him.

When he suffered temporary amnesia from his second cure, Blaine saw a chance to start over as a better man. Blaine milked the act to win Peyton's affection and even gave up the inheritance he got from Angus's will. However, it went awry when he pretended the memory serum didn't work.

House goes back to Chase and Cameron to ask them to treat the patient. House does it himself in defiance of the court order. He runs into the patient's regular doctor. He tells the other doctor he's treating the patient for granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA). Foreman has a reunion with Dr. Hamilton. House points out they can't kill the patient, but Hamilton tells him they have dropped the charges.

A middle-age man comes in for Viagra. House figures out the patient has diabetes and that he has not been managing his condition. He tells him his impotence will go away if he manages his blood sugar. However, he gives him Viagra anyway, while casually mentioning that they may kill him.

In 2010, Pat and Mark were sent to Iceland by BIONA to study the Aurora Event. In Iceland, Pat met a girl named Kerry Phillips, and the two got into a relationship. During the Aurora Event, Pat insisted on staying inside the yurt and monitor the equipment he and Mark had set up, while Mark joined the other people outside to get the best view.[5] At the height of the event, however, Pat lost radio contact with Mark and left the yurt anyway. Outside, he got hit by multiple fragments from the meteorites. As a result, Pat developed lesions that never fully healed and, over time, began to slowly kill him, the same way how the meteorites had caused the land itself to decay.[6] 041b061a72


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