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A 3D Printing Market Called Shapeways.

Recent data shows that the 3D printing market is expected to grow from an already impressive $2.4 billion in 2021 to $5.1 billion by 2026. Expect to see ongoing advancements with 3D printed items that include:

A 3D Printing Market Called Shapeways.

In this scenario, 3D printing allows consumers to print physical objects, such as toys or housewares, at home, just as they print digital photos today. Combined with 3D scanning, it may be possible to scan certain objects with a smartphone and print a near-duplicate. Analysts predict that 3D printing will take more than five years to mature beyond the niche market.

Shapeways, Inc. is a global, 3D printing marketplace and service, publicly traded company. Users design and upload 3D printable files, and Shapeways prints the objects for them or others.[2][3] Users can have objects printed in over 55 materials and finishes, these include: plastics, precious metals, steel and food-safe ceramics, which were discontinued and have been replaced by porcelain materials.[4] As of 2021, Shapeways has printed and sold more than 20 million objects.[5]

Nowadays, the industry has evolved. Rather than buying your own 3D printer, some services look for designers to send their product concepts in order to be prototyped. One of these services, Shapeways, is one of the top 3D printing marketplaces available today.

I ordered it from a site called shapeways, which is fast becoming the industry leader in 3d printing. The basic process is this: I make a 3d model on my computer, upload it to the website, which then checks for any errors or possible reasons why the printing wont work. If there are no issues then you choose a material to get it printed in, they print it, and then they send you it in a lovely package

With a market cap of $1.51 billion Protolabs stands fourth in the list of largest companies in the global 3D printing market. Specialising in rapid prototyping, the company is known to offer the fastest source for and customised custom prototypes production parts. The company uses three additive processes namely stereolithography, selective laser sintering (SLS), and one of the metal 3D printing technologies such as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS). With more than half a dozen manufacturing locations across three continents, the company is known to produce and assemble custom parts in just one day.

With a market capitalisation of $1.17B, Belgium-based Materialise NV comes at number seven this year. The company has more than two decades of 3D printing experience and offers a host of software solutions and 3D printing services to a variety of industries such as automotive, art and design, consumer goods, and healthcare.

Designers have used 3D-printing websites like Shapeways to manufacture and market their wares for several years now, while some intrepid DIY makers have taken production into their homes by investing in desktop 3D printers from...

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