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Con Flag Remover Xbox 360 Download !!LINK!!


i know that this question is nearly a year old, but i would love to know if microsoft has ever released an update for xbox one that fixed this. microsoft has been updating the xbox one for quite some time. it's always been in the 'going to update the xbox one' status for months if not over a year. it would be nice if microsoft would get this issue fixed before the new consoles come out. for xbox one s, i hope it doesn't come out until the spring. even the new xbox one is probably going to be over 2 years old by then and i'm not going to get another xbox one until the spring if this is the case. i just hope that microsoft releases an update for xbox one and xbox one s before the new consoles come out so that this issue can be fixed. i would love to know if this is possible or not. if it is, i really would love to know.

i bought my xbox one in 2013 and it stopped working recently. the power button will turn the power on and off but the console won't boot. i can connect the console to the monitor and it works fine but i want to be able to use it while the power is on. also, i can't tell if it's charging because the light on the top right is always off.

i had contacted the fury people about this device. got back an email that stated it needed a download to have it strip which would not work for me as i dont think my telikin pc could download that, the telikn had limited downloading capability. a member of this group, might have been hans posted a link for the needed download that the poster thought might still be working.

i think there is a way around this, but i don't know how. the way i would do it is to watch the recording that is on the xbox while you are turning it off. you would then use the xbox's recording to skip ahead until you find the flag, but that might take more time than it's worth. if you have an xbox one, they have a web app called "share" where you can share the recording to the xbox one. then the xbox can use that as a starting point to locate the flag. if you don't have an xbox one, and don't mind the slight delay of watching the recording on your pc before you can skip ahead, then you should be able to use the same method, just start the recording on your pc. once you find the flag, you would have to start the recording from the very beginning again, and skip ahead to the flag location. 3d9ccd7d82