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Levi Watson
Levi Watson

Recipe For Reading: New Century Edition Recipe For Reading Nina Bloom

Delicious indeed! I made this tonight using the ingredients we had on hand, due to the quarantine restrictions. Had to substitute cuties (clementines) for the oranges, olive oil instead of vegetable oil, omitted the sriracha sauce, and we ran out of corn starch so half the chicken we just ended up dropping in oil without breading. Everything turned out amazing! Served it over rice, and paired it with asparagus sautéed with red peppers, and sweet onions. Thank you for the recipe!

Recipe for Reading: New Century Edition Recipe for Reading Nina Bloom

Thank you for this comment. I was actually reading through them to see if the recipe author ever addresses this issue. I thought the sauce tasted amazing but the second I added it to the chicken, my nice crunchy fried coating turned to absolute mush. I was wondering if there was a better way to keep the chicken crispy (like Panda Express does, even as the Orange Chicken sits in the heated pan for extended periods of time). Maybe it would be better to fry the chicken with a batter coating to keep the crunchy layer?

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