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[S2E1] The Pods Are Open!

Brannigan pilots the ship too close to a black hole. Realizing the danger, Brannigan promotes Kif to Captain before fleeing the ship. Fry and Leela nearly kiss before they are interrupted by the ship breaking in half. Bender heads off to save the countess while the rest of the crew head for the escape pods. An airlock door closes, blocking their escape. Zoidberg holds it open a few inches, but the door release is on the other side. Hermes limbos under the door. Arriving at the escape pods, they meet Amy's parents, who have found Amy a new boyfriend: Kif. After waiting as long as they can for Bender, the crew launches the escape pod. Bender leaps from the Titanic, Countess in tow. He grabs the escape pod, but they exceed the weight limit. The Countess sacrifices herself, allowing the others to escape, upsetting Bender. Entering the pod, a heartbroken Bender says he will have her diamond bracelet to remind him of her. Hermes examines it and tells Bender that it is fake, causing him to immediately break down and cry.

[S2E1] The Pods Are Open!

Vanessa and Nick Lachey, graceful as ever, welcome everyone to the pods. The dating world is murky, and the singles in the room know it more. Seeing someone physically comes with a lot of stereotypes, and the pods are here to solve that. Over the next ten days, the ladies and the eligible single men on the other side will get to mingle, bond, and if lucky, get engaged, all without seeing what the other person looks like. Race, background, and income are non-issues in the pods. With no devices in sight, the search for a soulmate seems to be a promising exercise.

Darius is right, though. Everybody gotta eat. Hence the guy in the fast-food spot running a holiday hustle and the two young men sticking up the place. The distraught young lady in the back seat is presumably a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only unbelievable thing from the opening scene is that no one got hit with a bullet (that we know of).

"Space. The final frontier. Above us. Around us. Within us. We have always looked to the stars to discover who we are. A thousand centuries ago in Africa, the /Xam Abathwa tribe gathered to share a story. The tale of a girl who dug her hands in the wood ash and threw it into the sky to create the Milky Way. And hidden there, a secret buried among the eternal stars, was a message. An enormous letter in a bottle made of space and time, visible only to those whose hearts were open enough to receive it. All my life. When I first heard the story of the girl who made the stars, I wasn't ready to understand. I still don't know if I am."

On their way to the hangar, Tilly explains that the sensors in engineering picked up mycelial activity they had not seen since they found the tardigrade on the USS Glenn, and asks Burnham to recover a sample of the asteroid. Pike, Burnham, Nhan, and Connolly take the ship's landing pods, which are designed for high-gravity situations, into the debris field. From the bridge, Detmer reports that the gravimetric pressure on the rock inflates the debris to the point of explosion; the remark triggers Saru's threat ganglia. The magnetic distortions interfere with the landing pods' autopilots, forcing them to resort to manual control. Connolly flies ahead of them, despite Burnham's protests that his field of flight is too wide, and refuses Pike's orders to fall back just as a piece of debris smashes into his pod, killing him. The debris damages Pike's pod, and his auto-ejection system fails. Burnham convinces Pike to let her use her own ejection system to stop Pike's free fall. Just before impacting with the asteroid, Detmer remotely activates Burnham's thruster pack. Saru anxiously calls for a report; Burnham reports that they have touched down safely. Relieved, Saru's ganglia retract as he sinks into the captain's chair.

Pike, Burnham, and Nhan navigate into the wreckage of the Hiawatha, when they are met with a trio of customized probes made from salvaged Starfleet technology. A voice calls them "kids", and calls for the landing party to enter the wreck. The voice guides them through an emergency shelter inside the wreck, which has a breathable atmosphere. As they enter sickbay, they find the voice belongs to the ship's chief engineer, Commander Jett Reno, who is working to stabilize members of the crew, most of whom are in stasis. She remarks that she had decided not to vaporize the landing party when she saw their Starfleet insignia, having been expecting "someone with a bat'leth"; Pike and Burnham inform her that the war is over. Reno explains they had been en route to Starbase 36 when they were attacked, and that most of the war wounded were evacuated in escape pods before the crash. She stayed behind to keep the critical cases alive; when Nham points out that she was an engineer, not a surgeon, she replies "the body's just a machine."

Once you've planted a Fortnite Reality Seed and it has sprouted into a sapling, you can return to it in a subsequent match to reap the benefits by following the marker on your map. Fruit grows on the Fortnite Reality Sapling in colored pods matching the rarity of the loot you'll receive by picking them, though each growth cycle only provides three pods so you may want to ration them out over multiple matches. Cycle through the first few sets of rarities and you'll soon be able to pick a legendary or mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling in Fortnite.

You can check on the status of your Fortnite Reality Sapling by opening the map and looking at the bottom of the section to the left hand side. This shows you the current rarity level, the number of pods remaining, and how long the wait is until it next needs weeding. When the Next Weeding status is marked as 'Now!', return to your sapling and interact with the weeds surrounding it to pick them, after which the rarity level will increase and a fresh set of pods will sprout. Keep repeating this process all the way up to Mythic level, then once you've claimed that loot the plant will wither away, leaving a new Fortnite Reality Seed behind to start the process all over again.

The main way to get Reality Seeds is to break open Fortnite Reality Seed Pods, and we've marked the locations for all the ones we've found so far. Simply hit the pod until it breaks open, and several seeds should spill out for collection, so be ready to collect seeds from Reality Seed Pods before they stop bouncing for one of the quests. You can also get seeds as a random item from the fruit hanging on Fortnite Reality Saplings, so search those if you see any nearby.

At the ship's christening and launch ceremony, Mayor Poopenmeyer presents Zapp Brannigan, who is honorary captain for the Titanic's maiden voyage. Hoping to avoid Zapp's advances, Leela pretends to be engaged to Fry. In the Titanic they all visit the professor's suite, which is in first class but the others' room is in the lowest class. Bender, in the casino, meets a rich fembot, the Countess de la Roca, who thinks Bender is rich too. Zapp Brannigan takes the ship off course seeking adventure, but the new course passes through a swarm of comets. Amy runs into her parents, who immediately begin trying to hook her up with an unpleasant fat man. To put them off, she also claims to be dating Fry, and kisses him.

As the ship falls into the black hole (thanks to Zapp, who makes Kif the captain and escapes in a small ship), everyone heads for the life boats. Bender goes to find the Countess, who is trapped in a burning room deep in the ship. Bender uses a fire hose to put out the fire, and the room floods so Bender rides the Countess, who is a Class 3 Yacht, to safety. Meanwhile, the Planet Express crew is caught behind an emergency bulkhead, and it's up to Hermes to save the day by limboing under the door while Zoidberg holds it open slightly with his claw. Hermes goes really far down and manages to get to the other side to open the door. The Wongs find another boyfriend for Amy, Kif, and they kiss as they go to the boat. They wait as long as they can for Bender before boarding the last life raft and escaping, but Bender and the Countess arrive just in time and grab the raft's door before it launches. The pod is too heavy, and they are saved when the Countess falls into the black hole. Fry tries to console a sad Bender by saying the Countess might be in a parallel universe, but according to the professor she must be dead. Bender says he still has the bracelet but Hermes examines it and says it's fake. Bender cries as the pod flies away.

podman is an open-source Linux tool for working with containers. That includes containers in registries such as and In this article, I'll show you how to use podman to build a container image and create a container from it. Next, I'll show you how to upload the image to a registry, and finally, I'll show you how to use docker to create a container on a non-Linux system using the fully-compatible image I created with podman. 041b061a72


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