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Paul: In Fresh Perspective

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_OC_InitNavbar("child_node":["title":"My library","url":" =114584440181414684107\u0026source=gbs_lp_bookshelf_list","id":"my_library","collapsed":true,"title":"My History","url":"","id":"my_history","collapsed":true,"title":"Books on Google Play","url":" ","id":"ebookstore","collapsed":true],"highlighted_node_id":"");Paul: In Fresh PerspectiveN. T. WrightFortress Press, Oct 28, 2008 - Religion - 195 pages 6 ReviewsReviews aren't verified, but Google checks for and removes fake content when it's identifiedThe letters of the Apostle Paul changed the world like no others before or since, and they continue to strike us afresh with their panoramic vision of human history and destiny. Preeminent New Testament scholar and churchman N. T. Wright here offers a fresh perspective on the Apostle Paul's content and convictions. Wright ranks Paul as "one of the most powerful and seminal minds of the first or any century," endlessly engaging and perennially elusive. Yet, with recent research, Wright argues, we can now sketch with confidence a new and more nuanced picture of the Apostle and the radical way in which his encounter with Jesus redefined his life, his whole thought-world, his mission, and his expectations for a world made new in Christ. The result: a masterful, engaging, and enlightening portrait that situates Paul in his time and for our own.

Paul: In Fresh Perspective

Science writer Annie Murphy Paul's fresh perspective on intelligence and personality prompt a heart-to-heart about learning, intelligence assessments, growth mindsets and rethinking intelligence. In this episode you will hear about:

This clear study outlines the New Perspective, evaluates whether it is a threat or a help, and sets out a fresh understanding of Paul and his theology. It is an essential guide for anyone wanting to get to grips with Paul's teaching in the light of recent study.

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