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[S3E2] Aliens And Monsters

Claire reaches her quarters to find it empty. Meanwhile, Marcus and Ty Finn are looking for their mother. Talla and Ed reach the Bridge where Gordon, Kelly, and Ensign Charly Burke are trying to restore limited power to the Scanners. John deduces that the source of a dampening field must be in one of the engineering conduits, so he and Isaac begin checking each of the ship's 132 conduits. In the Mess Hall, Marcus and Ty hide from one of the alien creatures prowling. Security Officer Michaels enters only to be attacked by the creature. The creature spits a green substance on Michaels' face, which transforms Michaels into another creature. Marcus and Ty flee to the Bridge and report what they saw. Claire believes Paul is now one of those creatures and is infecting and transforming others. Talla decides to find and warn John of the creatures. In the conduits, John successfully restores minimal power. Second Officer Bortus escorts Claire to Sick Bay to research a counteragent to the alien threat. Two creatures pursue John, who manages to lock himself in the Brig. Talla lures them to the Shuttle Bay. The aliens are remarkably adept fighters, but she overcomes them with her immense Xelayan strength. A third creature finds Isaac and seems mystified by his inorganic body and leaves. Isaac releases John from the Brig, and the return to the Bridge. John restores Communications. Talla brings the corpse of one of the aliens to Claire in Sick Bay for analysis. Long-range scanners detect a hostile ship incoming.

[S3E2] Aliens and Monsters


The aliens in this episode who run past Scully in the mining facility were portrayed by children aged eight and nine. The spacecraft spotted by Mulder was achieved by using a crane to lift lights over the building Mulder was outside.[4] Napier's constant is used as a code to access the mining facility in the episode, though the code used is in error. Scully and Mulder use the code "27828" to unlock the door when in fact the first five digits of Napier's Constant are 27182. The mining facility is named for Dr. Hubertus Strughold, a real-life German scientist who was employed by the United States after World War II. The fictional Victor Klemper is based on Strughold, who was accused of conducting similar experiments on humans. The name is almost identical to a Victor Klemperer who was a German Jew that escaped persecution during World War II by fleeing to American-controlled territory. The Britannia Mine Museum, in Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada, stood in as the Strughold Mining Facility.[5] This episode was dedicated in memoriam to Mario Mark Kennedy, an internet fan of the show who had died in a car accident in 1995.[1]

Dave Filoni and John Favreau have done a great job of keeping that trend in Star Wars television. The Book of Boba Fett showed a six-limbed Sand beast. The Mandalorian has also had its fair share of monsters. There was a massive, ice spider in Season 2, along with the famed Krayt Dragon. There was even a large sea monster and a pod of purrgil in "The Apostate." So far, the Krayt Dragon has probably been the best monster on Disney+ and the best reference to previous Star Wars projects. But if the one-eyed cyborg spider creature ends up being a Dianoga, it just might take the prize.

Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, however, a common complaint of their Star Wars projects has been the lack of memorable new species. While some stand out, such as the Anzellans showcased in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian season 3, episode 1, oftentimes Disney's new aliens lack the memorability of Lucas' designs, or the extensive mythology that accompanies them. That being said, The Mandalorian season 3, episode 2's newest creation makes steps towards mending this issue through the introduction of the Alamites.

Mando takes the remains of IG-11 to the Anzellans, jabbering animatronic mechanics in delightfully Star Wars style (you might remember Babu Frik from The Rise of Skywalker). It's great to see The Mandalorian continues that grand Star Wars tradition of delightfully fleshy aliens coming in all prosthetic shapes and animatronic sizes. It's a massive squee from us when Grogu tries to give the little cutie a squeeze.

this would have taken so much time and effort fuck what people are saying you got the VAST MAJORITY of the Doctor Who aliens like guys come on if you can name more then dont be pricks make a better list dont hate

I just want to say that it looks like you have put a lot of effort into this list. I know that you have missed some out but it is very tricky to make a list that long. Also, you probably know this but all of the people reading this page, the Doctor Who fans, they are always going to be picky. And grumpy. I should know. Even though you have missed a lot of the important monsters out, it is always interesting to read. Of course the absence of some monsters does irritate me, but what can I say. I am a Doctor Who fan. You have done a great job with all the descriptions and putting the list together. I really enjoyed it. Well done.

Additionally, the outing delves into the lore behind Mandalore and the intricate monsters dwelling therein. It makes this world feel even more immersive and allows for more creativity for the production team. Talk about escapism at its finest.

As the mob grows more frantic, Jim calls Penguin and offers to give him Fish Mooney. Penguin then calls his mob into action. With the back now clear, Fish slips out with Hugo Strange. The mob breaks in and engages the monsters, who manage to shoot some mob members, but are soon overtaken. 041b061a72


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