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Demian Tretyakov

When A Tree FallsModern Family : Season 4 Episo...

In the episode, Cameron is upset about a tree that is going to get cut down and tries everything he can to prevent it from happening, including climbing on it. Mitchell tries to get him down but when Cameron has to leave after an emergency call, he is the one ending up on the tree. Jay and Phil accompany Manny and Luke to a kid's party where Jay tries to be funny in order to fit in with the crowd but ends up fighting with Phil after an embarrassing story he shared about him. Gloria and Claire go to the supermarket together and after a misunderstanding, they end up at the store's police office for stealing. To get them out of there, Gloria pretends she is in labor. Haley does her community service and Alex tries to take a bad picture of her to post it on Facebook as revenge.

When a Tree FallsModern Family : Season 4 Episo...

An old tree is going to get cut down and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) is really upset about it since that tree means a lot to him. Deciding to save the tree, he gets there and climbs up it. Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) is not thrilled with this idea and he is trying to get him down but when Cameron has to leave and go to the theater after an emergency call, Mitchell is the one who ends up sitting on the tree. At the end of the day, they manage to save the tree and Cameron makes it on the newspaper.

In the meantime, Cameron comes home to tell Mitchell they were cutting down the tree at the park where they always picnic: Treeona Helmsley. Even Lily thought it was a nightmare, and clearly she's picked up Cam's gift for hyperbole. Sure enough, Cam went to give the tree one final hug goodbye, and the next thing you know, he's climbed up it. And Lily thinks THAT'S a nightmare. Cam thinks he needs to show Lily the value of what's important. And he'll do that just as soon as Mitchell takes his place in the tree. He had to go replace someone at a play where he was an understudy. Mitchell refused, but Cam pointed out the tree is where Lily first rolled over, where home base was when they played hide-and-go-seek, and where they took shelter from a terrible lightning storm. That was enough for Lily, who begged Mitch to save the tree.

With some urging, Mitch joins in on Cam's efforts to save an old tree in the park, but just how far will they go? Jay and Manny are each pushed beyond their comfort zones when they attend a kid's Olympics-themed birthday party, and Claire brings Gloria along on a Costco run -- but add in a "pregnancy brain" and it makes for quite an eventful trip. 041b061a72


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